A Branding Agency
with a Vocation

Since 2009, brand design and packaging design have been the driving force behind our company. We create brands that are a few steps ahead of your competition and arouse strong emotions. For us, they are the key to winning the market and consumer interest. As customers, we do not want to be bothered by indifferent and boring services.

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There is a story behind every good packaging - get to know the best ones and let's start collaborating to design your brand.

rebranding brand

Change is an important stage in the life of every brand as it has to cope with competition and market challenges, including the constant evolution of consumer attitudes. Given the above, each brand must strive to retain an attractive visual identity, including packaging designs that stand out on store shelves. It is important for the whole branding process to have clear objectives and for the branding company to understand your needs. Ostecx Créative can help as early as at the brief stage, progressing to strategic and creative support until the project is completed.

Attractive visual

A brand's image has a direct impact on its market success - especially for FMCG products and all brands created with the retail customer in mind. It is also one of the most important tools for product positioning. Logo and packaging design should build a unique brand identity and focus on the preferences of the target group. With the experience of Ostecx Créative, you can combine all these objectives and create a brand that is attractive to your customers.

is our specialty

We specialize in artisan/craft brands. Designing labels for small and regional breweries has always given us great satisfaction and allowed us to win the most important industry awards for design. However, we also have extensive experience in the mass segment and comprehensive advertising services. We support customers in building communication strategies and naming their products. We create printing designs and web graphics, including websites and online campaigns.

Ensuring a consistent

Your brand needs to project to speak with a consistent and unified voice - maintaining consistency of image and marketing messages you present to consumers allows you to increase the effectiveness of your advertising. Your packaging design should also be one of the elements of this system and draw on the spirit of the brand and its market advantages - and here is where we come blazing. To achieve a coherent image at every level of your message, you should choose a branding agency that pays attention to details and will share its experience with you.

A fresh look
at the brand

Food packaging design is a good example of the value of being innovative and looking for solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Both the form of packaging and its design help to attract the consumer's attention and often determine the purchase decision. Our experience in the artisan/craft products sector, where boldness and breakthroughs of stereotypes are highly valued, will help you look at your brand and packaging design from a completely different angle. Check it out and see how it works.